The Taiwanese Super League (TSL) is a professional top soccer league expected to begin to play in 2019-2020 season. 16 teams will compete in the inaugural season with international calendar. Some clubs didn’t approach to sign the drafted players yet until transfer schedules, but the prospects are currently playing in the TSL teams.

History Edit

Before the professional league as traditional. Edit

Before the professional league, the top-ranked division league was Taiwanese Football Premier League, which consisted of semi-pro and collegiate clubs. Following a demise of TFPL, 8 clubs were completely moved to Taiwanese First League (TFL) as lower league.

Foundation of Taiwanese Super League Edit

On a proposed date, Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) reported that professional Taiwanese soccer league with clear vision was the first launched. The reports suggested that former CSL employer named Sun Lingxin is announced to create a set of fully professional teams or a league in Taiwan, but the European season has chosen to start in July as the preseason. CTFA also established the tier 2-4 leagues that would cause one TSL clubs has relegated into Taiwanese First League.

Current clubs Edit

Team City/Region Stadium Capacity Founded Head coach
Kaohsiung Flashing Kaohsiung Kaohsiung National Stadium 48,950 2017 Su Yi-Wei
Uni-President Tainan Uni-President Soccer Stadium 45,000 2017 Chu Kuo-Hua
Hong Kong Dragons So Kon Po Hong Kong Stadium 40,000 2017 Hsueh Hui-Hsiung
Evergreen FC Taipei Evergreen Soccer Stadium 38,000 2017 Cho Jung-Jui
Xiamen Blue Lions Xiamen Xiamen City Centre Stadium 32,000 2017 Lee Jeng-Te
Real Hualien C.F. Hualien Hualien County Stadium 31,280 2017 Hsieh Chia-Hung
Fuzhou Kingdom Fuzhou Fujian Provincial Sports Centre 31,000 2017 Zhao Xin
Taitung AI Taitung Razer Blazer Stadium 28,200 2017 Lo Chih-Tsung
Inter Taichung CF Taichung Taichung Stadium 28,200 2017 Wang Pin-Hsien
Chiayi Bricks Chiayi LEGO Blockdium 27,900 2017 Chiu Yung-Hsan
Taoyuan Express Taoyuan Taoyuan Soccer Stadium 27,600 2017 Chiang Ching-Hua
AFC Dounan Dounan Yunlin Dounan Field 26,400 2017 Lu Yu
Banqiao Acer Taipei Banqiao Acer Stadium 26,100 2017 Yang Tung-Wei
Tsubasa FC Keelung Captain Tsubasa Stadium 25,000 2017 Wang Shuo-Che
Sanchung Despair Sanchung Sanchung Soccer Stadium 25,000 2017 Peng Yu-lu
Yilan Tsunami-Indonesian Yilan Yilan City Stadium 25,000 2017 Lin I-Shih

Players Edit

Four leagues don’t have work permit requirement for some foreign and domestic players, but they were free to play matches.

Media coverage Edit

The first broadcast rights holders of the Taiwanese professional league is BeIN Sport, but they signed the contract for some season with all matches. Taiwanese Super League is a playable league in three the FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and the Football Manager series.

Reverse league Edit

In early years, the reverse league was open to all of the reserve teams from the Tier 1-4 leagues. All Taiwanese reverse leagues doesn't have cup format that completed by the clubs yet due to causing the poor condition.