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Samuel Pictures is a Chinese-American film and television production company that produces low-budget movie and TV show. The studio was co-founded in 2015 by Sam Yi Chen. They have not produced any films and TV series yet, but they are working on a new movie and TV shows with a independent studios.

History Edit

Sam Yi Chen is started to make his own developed movie company after his controversial moments in last year. Late 2018, Sam Yi Chen has been directing his two miniseries by using the Plotagon Studio.

Filmography and Works Edit

Miniseries Edit

  • Donbot's Secret (2018 | Published on YouTube)
  • Zenya's Trouble Show (2018 | Published on YouTube)

TV series Edit

  • Sam and Johnny: The Show (To be announcement | Aired on Comedy Central)
  • Danganronpa 4: Built of Core's Peak Academy (To be announcement | Aired on Paramount Network)
  • Bio Inc: Future Permanent (To be announcement | Aired on Investigation Discovery)
  • Tomo-Chan is a Girl (To be announcement | Streamed on Netflix)
  • Lookism (To be announcement | Streamed on YouTube Premium)
  • Zero Escape 999 (To be announcement | Streamed on Crunchyroll)

Movies Edit

Release date Film Box Office Notes
TBA Sam and Johnny: The Movie Distribution with Lionsgate
TBA PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Distribution with Paramount Pictures
TBA Video Game Community College Distribution with Universal Pictures
TBA IA: Project Movie Distribution with Paramount Pictures
TBA Captain Tsubasa Distribution with Amazon Studios