Sam Chen Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) is an American flagship network that owned by Chening Enterprise (50%) and Crunchyroll (50%). The main channel is primarily toward teen and adult viewers and originally focused on the Japanese culture and esports events. SCBC is currently headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. As of proposed date, SCBC Main and Alt are available to approximate 25,400,900 paid television households in the United States.

Related networks and services Edit

Alt – It is an alternate network that owned by Chening Enterprise. The channel is based at the same division. It is focusing on the culture of classic anime, and also own original series that produced by Samuel Pictures. If the program issues on the main channel, it will warns customers due to esports ongoing.

Sports – It is a proposed American sport channel that is owned by Chening Enterprise. It does not air on licensed sports events with deals yet, but it is reached a deal with nine international sport rights. Broadcasting rights: J-League, Canadian Premier League, Liga NOS, EuroLeague Basketball, EuroCup Basketball, Chinese Basketball Assocation, American Athletic Conference (as college football game), Asia League Ice Hockey, and AIBA World Boxing Champions ,etc.